Girls, 6 months no contact, I broke the silence, she is acting like nothing is different. Not sure what to make of it?

Last year was really bumpy. I know I was the "rebound". One minute she would tell me she loved me and wanted to be with me, he would contact her and she would take a few steps back fearing things were moving too quickly, that her instincts were screwed up.. excuses. She asked me for time to let her heal.

After two months of blown off dates, various excuses, she said she would call me on whatever day, and didn't. I didn't call or text. A month goes by and I hear nothing from her. Finally she texted me asking if she could call, I texted back I was busy. Another 5 months pass.

I was thinking about her, wonderinbg how she was doing. We have known each other a few years, so I was concerned, I do care. So I texted her a simple little "was thinking about you" text. I felt like a weak jackass. But I didn't even manage to put my phone back in my pocket and she was ringing me.

She was away on business, but was happy to hear from me. We caught up, but the silence was never addressed. It was a very positive call, but it just seemed friendly. Which was fine with me. I knew she was okay. She told me she would call when she got back and we would make some plans to catch up.

She called me the other day, sick from something she caught on the trip. I think she was making excuses for the silence in a round about way. "I have been so busy, I haven't had anytime for me" sorts of things. Then she told me she loved me again, and that she is worried I am going to disappear forever. I didn't respond to that. She brought up some ideas for trips we can make together later in the year.

She asked me to call her back at the end of the week, hoping she is better by then. I am not sure if I should. At this point it is really delicate. I could just proceed moving on. I just feel that if I let her back into my life I will start falling again.
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  • Dude... move on. From what I have read in your description, I think she's the passive player type. She's obviously looking for some fun with you and nothing more than that. She's trying to make things work with some other guy, but in the meantime she found you. Don't give a shit about her, man. Move on.


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  • Why be her second choice or be her distraction until she finds something more interesting to her? There is someone out there that would love to make you their priority and treat you like her king.

  • I think you should just move on.


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