My ex left me because he thought I cheated on him & now he's got a new gf. But he keeps calling me w/ dumb reasons for us to meet up. what does he want?

I wasn't actually cheating on him, but i was renting a room from a mutual friend that I used to hook up with like a looong time ago. I shouldve told him, but i knew it wouldve made him insecure when he shouldn't be. And it was just temporary and i really needed to find a new place last minute

anyway he knows i still want to be with him, but he's got a new gf now and i wish he would just leave me alone because its totally horrible having in my life, but not ACTUALLY having him anymore. At the same time I haven't been able to just tell him to stop calling me b/c if there's a chance we could get back together i would, and dont want to pass up the opportunity.

I just can't figure out why he still makes up dumb reasons to see me tho. Its not like he tries to sleep with me when i see him, and the few times we sort of got close to crossing the line, he got all distant from me for a week or so after and would act like i was the one pursuing him by reminding me he had a gf now, when its him that makes up excuse to see me. at times itlI even be for like literally only 15-20 min we're together. I dont ask him to hang out at all tho. WHAT IN THE HELL IS HE AFTER, OR TRYING TO DO OR GET OUT OF THIS?


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  • Get out of this.

    • may i ask why you say to get out? am i just being naive to hold onto the idea he might come around?

    • If he loves you truly.
      1. Love means trust. He lost the trust on you.
      2. How he can go for another girl while loving you? (if he loves you truly)
      3. Okay. He got a new girl. Then why he is again calling to batch up with you? Because he got bored with the new girl. If he get bore he ll do break up. Are you getting? In future if he gets bore with you , definitely he ll move for next girl again.

      And if your heart is still saying you need him means, follow below points,
      1. He needs to realize your importance.
      2. Just say no for few days.
      3. Then tell to him like I can't cheat you. You are my soul mate.

      But my opinion. Get out of this

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  • Tell him to choose between her and you and not to call you until he has made up his mind.


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  • Maybe he wants to get back with you.

  • He wants you back.


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