I feel like my fiance is ignoring me. I don't feel wanted. Am I over reacting?

Ok lately I feel he is finding any possible way to avoid me. He works and I go to school. He's self employed and sometimes he comes home but makes sure he leaves right before I come home. He has a New friend and I feel he's making hanging out with him more important. He also goes to play poker straight from work and stays out late past 11 or 12 majority of the time so we only sleep together. All of it is fine but make time for me don't spend every day doing this other stuff when you have a gf. I feel unwanted and my feelings are hurt. Trying to wait it out to see if he's just doing his thing but its bothering me. Like shouldn't a man get off work and want to see his girl sometimrs? Maybe he's not happy. I don't know What should I do? This has been going on for a while. Starting to feel like I can't make him happy. I would cook and stuff but stopped because he's not around. I feel distant and hurt by it. I could be around anyone and still want to be around him no matter what.


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  • No, you are not overreacting. He should make time for you as well. I would talk to him about it.
    He might be excited that he has this new friend and doesn't want to seem like a party pooper by declining guys night out. Your boyfriend might not be realizing what he is doing. Just talk to him...

  • No. You have a right to feel as you do. Simply talk to him about it because if you two are getting married, you don't want to go into it in this manner.


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