I don't have an ego, but he ignored me for the first time in front of everyone, he act like I wasn't there?

He kissed every girl in the place, saw me and shared my hand. And when work was over he continued to ignore me. But chummy with the other women. Guys when this happens is it safe to say your not feeling the girl whatsoever? ?, :'( truth is he's not attracted to me and only want to be friends. . but am I that unattractive where he doesn't want to acknowledge me. Or maybe some girl he was seeing was there. He never did it quite like that before. I'm really upset


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  • post a picture of yourself, and il tell you. Guys ignore girls for many reasons, one is to get her attention, another is he can't be bothered to waste his time on you.. but i ignore girls entirely all the time, makes them over react and do exactly what your doing. Then you say hello, they jump up like puppies who haven't seen their owner in a decade.


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  • What a jerk. I would think he isn't attracted to you, but he didn't have to do that in front of people.

    • He dissed me today and all the other women are looking at me like they were better than me cause he ignored me like that. Even my client that he met for the first time asked if he and I a friend's like do we get a long, so if she noticed something and never met him a day in her life, you could only imagine how deliberate he was being. I'm crushed.

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    • But I'm a somewhat vengeful person... lol. If you're not like that... haha.

    • Me two actually, but I've been fighting for so long. I'm honestly tired. I'm tired of jumping through hoops, pretending I'm not hurt, ignoring him. I'm tired of Pretending. .

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  • Be a big girl and take it. Guys get treated rougher than that as a matter of course. How is this even an issue for you?

    • What?, how... we're on front of people and he literally act as if I didn't exist,..

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    • Seems we posted in an overlap. But essentially, don't be bothered. If he doesn't value you, why worry about him?

    • Yeah, again thanks for you advice. Good night.

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  • Friendzoned!

    • I'm fine with that... but as my friend he dissed me today, and I don't know why. He never act like that, and all the other people are looking like I'm a piece of shit. Smirking.. well the women.

    • I don't don't know babe, how are you getting along lately? Do you have any idea why he did that? If you're both okay the only explanation I see why he did what he did is because
      He's a jerk.

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