If I told my ex on many occasions that I couldn't be friends with her?

If I told her before the BU that I could never be friends with an ex and then after she dumped me I told her that I didn't want to be friends, but that if she changed her mind she knows where to find me...

Is it safe to assume that if she contacts you say 2 weeks after the end, that she's regretting the break up?


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  • If she contacts you at any stage I would say she has regrets...
    Best not to dwell on it, sometimes it's months or never at all

    • Well she did contact me... So I answered after a few hours but she hasn't replied :/

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    • I just feel like bringing to my place for some nice dinner would soften her up, whereas a coffee outside the house will make her awkward. I don't know.

      I've read that I should be focusing on getting in bed with her for her to really regret the break up?

    • Mate, having her around sounds good... as for any other advice, I'll leave that to other people.. :)
      But everyone wants to have fun, so sex :) yeah haha

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