What does it mean if your ex pulls back the armrest and allows to rest head on his shoulder?

So me and my ex boyfriend had a break up. What had happened in short was that he said I love you and i got too intense which scared him (tried to commit suicide when he broke off). We stopped speaking with each other for a month and started talking again. My friend in the meanwhile made a fake account and made him realize his mistake.. He was very subtly flirting with her (fake account girl) and told her he still likes me. He apologized to me after I apologized. We had made out in one movies when we seeing each other and he told me after our breakup that whatever movie he watches in a theater he goes back to the same movie in which we made out. He is not the type of guy who would want to friends with benefits. I had asked him earlier if he would be comfortable being friends with benefits NO, he said not with you. He has also started sending me sweet nothing texts. Anyways we have gone for two movies. Our first meeting was very awkward according to me.. He couldn't look me in the eyes. He wore the same shirt that he wore on our very first date. Our second movie I put my head on his shoulder and I didn't know if he was okay with that.. So I made an excuse and said ohh my neck hurt. He pulled the armrest back and said sit properly then.. I got scared as I got confused what was he trying to say. So I asked him if it was okay if rested my head on his shoulder he said yes yes!!! Should I take it as a sign or is


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  • yeah I think he might still have some feelings for you, just let things play out as they are, rest your head on his shoulder hold his hand then maybe try and go for the kiss if you want to and it feels like he wants to, and if you want to


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  • Homie, that is way too intense. I would not take that as a sign. Men tend to speak their minds. He's already clearly said no and not with you. Also, if he's anything like my bf, he does not like to see tears or he will be "nice" and not just cut you off. To be fair, it is a terrible thing to use your life to force someone to you. It was incredibly disrespectful to have come up with a ridiculous fake account. Where's the honesty and trust suppose to be? That is not love. That is not a successful relationship. You are seeing what you want to see, reading signs that you want to be there.

    You need to love yourself, as hard as that may be. Find who you are as a woman dear and embrace it without deceitful tricks. A man that truly loves you looks you in the eye and lets you know his feelings about you. You would know, and the fact that you don't and are asking our opinion unfortunately means that no, it's not working out.

    • i did not make that fake account.. it was my friend and i had no knowledge of what had happened.. And I KNOW IT WAS wrong... but only if life was fair... let me clear it out i had asked him if he could be friends with benefits with anyone.. He said no not with you... and yes i also know that trying to commit suicide for someone is wrong.. but what does one do if the whole of ur lived life you have been treated like a object and you meet one guy who respects you and you find your happiness with. and he also leaves.. And that is only a behavior and me was three months back. I was never like that.. one gets exhausted in trying to invest in a new person all the time.. I tend to over analyse stuff the reason why i need object answer to my question... I believe a guy would not pull the armrest just to be nice... if a guy is nice no guy would have said no but there was no need for him to pull the armrest back... don't you agree

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    • He has no clue that it was my friend... and to be honest I did leave them... but it was all of the people i met so i started accepting being treated like that. But he made me realize that it shouldn't be that way. yes i do love myself now. I know that very well what was wrong. i had my reasons that said it is not justified. I did but it was only one behavior. There is more to me than that behavior... and i don't want to be friends with benefits with him.. coz it comes down to same thing.. not saying a person doing that wrong.. no judgement on people who do become friends with benefits... its just not me n what i am comfortable with... I don't think u are getting the point... what i am asking is does he have emotions for me. coz its very clear the way he is he doesn't think from his pants. and when he saw fifty shades of grey and other movies in the theater he sd he kept going back to the same movie in which we had made out. 4 times he saidd he had a hard time watching any movie in the theatre

    • I answered your question hun. You asked me if i thought he had feelings for you (more than friends feelings) my opinion is no. Hun you can just ask him. Are we just friends or do you still have feelings for me that are more than friendship... Assumptions aren't facts. I feel if he liked you like that he'd say it straight up.

      I'm happy that you have learned to love yourself more, that's wonderful.

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