Why would he feel like he can still be good in with my family?

I just don't understand why ex and the father of my child thinks he can still be buddies with certain people in family. I don't understand because he treated me horriblely.

Like for example, with my dad. He revealed that I was pregnant to him, before I was ready, out of spite and that I was trying to fight him. Yes I know that was very stupid and reckless of me, but I was so pissed at him. for putting me in some unnecessary drama and him getting in my face, always saying that he was going to beat the crap out of me. I mostly got back in his face but I did slap him. I. feel like he shouldn't complain about that because as many times he has put bruise all over me. The only reason I think of it as abuse , at the time, because he disguised it as "play fighting".

I don't understand why he try and tell on me, try to make me look bad to my dad, partially lie and not tell the whole Truth. And Im not going to tell my dad EVERYTHING.

I figured most people would try to avoid contact eith their exes family and friends, depending on their previous relationship with them. But my ex is trying to keep a relationship with them.

please no one judge me on my poor decisions. I'm already full of regret his and my whole relationship


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  • Well your family is his child's family. A decent human would want a god relationship with his child's family.

    • he could careless about the child. As soon as broke up, he started telling people that I was a whore and the baby wasn't his. The last two times we would get into, he told me I. should get an abortion. He told his cousun he was going to beat me up or get someone to do it for him, while knowing that Im pregnant. He would start stupid arguments with me, knowinf that I would get upset, knowing that risks of stress during the first trimester, and laugh it off.

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    • Actually not because I don't him. Its because he was trying to make me have a miscarriage. He kept telling to an abortion. He even started some drama that suggested I should. Just because we have broken up, he's disowning it to everyone thast he can hold of. While together, he was already telling me that he wasn't going to take care of it.. Again, why would I want him in my child's life, he is already acting like this?

      You're damn right I feel self entitled to my child. I'm the one. who's going carrying it for a total of 10 months. I'm going to makes sure it's well taken care of before he does. Hell when we were togeyher, he didn't give two shits about about it.

    • So YES , I know what's going to best for MY CHILD. I know tradition isn't the only way. You dont because you dont know me, nor know you its father.

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  • He's trying to make life hard for you by manipulating those who are close to you and finally trick you into his vengeful games. I suggest, speak up. Talk to your family members and make things clear to them. If needed take legal action because this is invasion of privacy and you have all rights to provide stable environment for your kid (s).

    • Thing is, my family don't like him but they aren't rude about it. They noticed a difference in me, while with him. I feel like I may need to take legal actions, anyways , in the future. I dont want him around my child. I feel like he is only going to cliam him when its subtle for him. If I would known he was truly like this, I would have never stayed or even talked to him

    • It's not too late. you're can still change your situation by taking action against him and by having a clear conversation with your family. This kind of environment affects kids more than we know. It's better to respond now to avoid any further damage.

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