Will my ex talk to me after 8 months?

we broke up before 8 months till now she is in my mind i couldn't forget her should i start talking to her again... if i did will she respond... actually we didn't break up she dumped me... am dieing what am i supposed to do?


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  • Do her a favor and just forgive her and forget her, basically, move on. She's not gonna come back. Let her move on and you too move on.

    • forgive her... i already did it and i'll still do it whatever mistake she does

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    • She was sorry because she had to say goodbye to you forever!

    • but it looks like i won't a girl forever

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  • Forget it. Move on.

    • its been 8 months and i couldn't... could u pls give me tips?

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    • the other thing is after particular period she apologized

    • It comes from the girl commenting too, move on! This might be your first experience with this sort of thing, but I made the mistakes for you.. you're wasting your time and emotions.

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  • It's been 8 months, she probably won't want to talk to you.


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