Ex is posting sad love songs on his social media, what does it mean?

We've been together for 3 years and then 3 months ago he broke up with me because he wasn't sure if he still feels the same about me (aka he got bored). We didn't cut the contact completely, he would text me like once a week and I would reply politely (I never initiated a convo though, he knows I can't be all buddy-buddy with him but he's not an enemy either).
He doesn't have facebook or any other social media exept Skype. Never ever did he posted something on Skype (and he doesn't have much friends on it, it was basically just for the two of us). And now I see he is posting some sad love songs like "I love you I never meant to hurt you I made a mistake I miss you bla bla bla" but when he writes me he doesn't seem like he is trying to get me back, just seems happy when I respond. Could this mean anything? Did he maybe changed his mind and now has no guts to admit it or doesn't know how?


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  • It means nothing to you; what good is a lonely man to anyone?


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