Did you ever contact an ex after break up?

After they told you to not contact them?


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  • I have contacted one who told me she didn't want to talk with me anymore, but I gave it a few months. I didn't say anything about missing her, but instead just told her I was saying hello and hoped she was doing well.

    In hindsight, I'm not sure that was a good idea, because I never heard from her, and shouldn't have expected to since she was pretty adamant about not wanting to be contacted by me.

    It's a pretty big serving of humble pie, but now, when someone says don't do something, I'll respect it regardless of how tempted I am not to.

    • Who broke up with who?

    • Actually, I did, because her attitude started to change where all of a sudden the happy, fuzzy vibes turned into a source of anger from her. I just figured she still wasn't over someone who dumped her and her frustration towards me had more to do with her still being in love with someone she couldn't have. So, I told her I was done, and that's when she got mad or "livid" as she said.

      I tried contacting her later on to make sure there were no hard feelings, and that's when she told me to basically f-off. So, while I officially ended things, I saw where it was going and that was her doing.

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  • No ex has ever told me not to contact them.


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