How to deal with my sons father?

So i'm a single mom of a disabled child we have been away from home staying at the hospital for the last 6 months, my sons father has been home the intire time because he had no transportation back and forth plus work and bills. We have beeen fighting a lot over the last year and this isn't our first break up but it is the only break up while having children. Well needless to say 3 weeks ago we had a mutual break up we said our peaceful goodbyes in person and within 3 days he's with someone else and has probably been with her everyday since then. Well last week he got told im doing ok that im moving on and potentially seeing other men (not yet). And man did he get jealous, threatening to be up a guy who doesn't exsist yet, trying to say i love you i miss you we just need space, begging me not to sleep with anyone. Well after that conversation he blew me off for 3 days for her. I return home with our son yesterday. He has no knowledge of his sons care and my son needs a trained individual to watch him 24/7 so his dad has to visit with me. Both yesterday and today he has been very touchy very friendly got jealous over me txting a friend and not telling him who he won't tell me if he's dating anyone he's trying to kiss me making it known we aren't together he gave me a ride to the store and had this girls belongings in my car. He had admitted he's not going to keep anyone around long he has basically made this girl undesirable bye the things he has said about her to me. And today he said to me I love you nobody can replace you i can't be friends with you just yet and we can't be together i don't want to hear about what your doing and you don't want to here about me but once my lease is up a year from the 28th i want us to be a happy couple again and move from their to back home to you... I don't even know what to say,... all this happend in 2 days, i don't even know how to be in the same room and basically yeah he may love me and wants to touch me i want to move on


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wow wow..
    So he dumped you..
    But i feel like you still love him?
    Am i wrong?

    • i'd like to say it was mutual i couldn't handle the stress of our fighting anymore on top of everything else but he brought it up first, i didn't beg or yell or insult him we just talked about it and both of us were crying and we said goodbye... yeah i still love him this is the 2nd time we have broken up in a 9 year period

    • The deal breaker is the baby...
      How could he leave you and your child?
      Anyway... you're a matured woman and knows what best for her.
      Do you want him back?
      For real?

What Girls Said 1

  • This sounds so similar to my ex it is funny, we dated 9 years and share a child. He started seeing a girl 2 weeks after we broke up, he has also said he would beat up any new guy which i was seeing one but for a very short time.

    it didn't last long and he wants me back he's always begging me not to sleep with anyone lol. I have not, but i really don't intend on taking him back ever. He comes to get our boy on the weekend and tries to touch and kiss me, and i always have to tell him no. I know this doesn't help much but i kinda know how you feel, I think i just need to wait till my ex finds another girl but its going to take a long time. Sorry you kid is disabled that must make it hard.

    • just so ya know i didn't mean to hit the dislike buttun... what's funny is me and my ex have been doing this on and off stuff for 9 years... he just called and said no we can be friends and go and do stuff i said ok well maybe in a little bit but when you come and visit don't grope me, kiss me, you can hug me or shake my hand and he goes "for now" i can tell this relationship with her won't last but i don't want care i dont want your hands or tongue near me dude... just visit your son and be friendly is all i ask

    • thank you and sorry you gotta deal with the same problem

    • yeah it sucks, sorry i can't really help much lol

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