How can I avoid him forever when we're at the same college?

A guy I was dating for a while really got inside my head and played games, he never officially broke up with me but now he's dating someone else and I found out through friends. He didn't even have the decency to tell me himself. I feel totally humiliated and angry. I know I deserve better, and I know that his judgement isn't a reflection on me, but everytime I see him I feel insecure and start to doubt myself... I really did like him.


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  • He probably believes in Joey too much.

    If you can just restrict any thoughts about him then you can easily avoid him anywhere.


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  • Just don't acknowledge his existence.


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  • U can't grow up! Ur at least 25 who cares about him. the best thing u can do is let him see u happy maybe with another dude

    • I can't grow up? Excuse me? Do you seriously believe that the ability to be hurt disappears with age?

  • just everytime u see him turn yer head on the other side... till u get over it basically...:-)


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