Did I bring it on myself?

A boyfriend I was with for about a year use to throw temper tantrums when he wanted sex but I wasn't up for it. I always made it a point to make sure we had sex at least once a week. Well one month, I had medical reasons where we could not have sex at all. When I was better, he just kept arguing with me about stupid things and that made me not want to have sex with him more. One night I was fed up with him constantly telling me to leave just because we weren't having sex that I finally just left and called it quits. He called me 11 times after and constantly tried (almost psyhcotically) to get me back for about a month. Well now, I really feel the need on trying to get back with him, to the point of almost begging (I'm not proud I know). He wants nothing to do with me, and part of that is because he found out I was on tinder lol. I think I even annoyed him to the point where he said 'bye, forever.' Do you think he really means it/ wants nothing to do with me? I'm just having a hard time understanding how he could say he loved me so much and went through a super hurt phase over me and then be 'over me' all within a month's time.


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  • amazing how this works, huh? Ironically my ex girlfriend broke up with me because I wasn't giving her enough sexual attention (biggest reason among many other little issues). Truth is I loved her a lot, but I subconsciously struggled to stay physically attracted to her. I didn't blame her for dumping me. However I missed her companionship immensely. After we split up I did borderline stalk her a bit (looked at her FB constantly and went to places she frequented hoping to run into her). Not proud of that.

    Anyway this girl said "I love you" multiple times and I believed she meant it. When were dating she was extremely into me but she dumped me like a bad apple rather abruptly. I know the feeling of having someone zig zag on you. However remember this... what was the reason you didn't want to have sex with him? Was it hormones? Not in the mood? Or was it a deeper reason that you don't want to admit to yourself... such as you not that physically attracted to him? If that's the case he might have deduced you weren't that into him. He'll only take so much rejection and move on. That's what my ex did.

    I realize sex isn't everything but there's no denying it is a BIG piece of the puzzle.


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  • I think he might've been extremely turned off by your actions..


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  • Just talk to him try and get him back ots now or never its worth a try...

    • Well I really had to swallow my pride to try and get him back after denying him for a month. I got a little overzealous in my emotions towards him. He said I can't do this to him now when I wanted nothing to do with him for the past '3 months' (he likes to exaggerate time so it looks better on his side) and that he wants sex more than once a month (which also not true). I just kind of feel like his love for me can't go away that quickly..

    • It most likely hasn't maybe es trying to gain some pride after begging u for a while if u do love him i think pride wouldn't matter or does it really u dont really win or lose anything its worth a try he probably thinks u really dont care anymore give it a chance

    • you'll never know what could of been you'll be filled with doubts if u dont :/

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