Would you give up or still try?

With with my recent boyfriend of a year, there came a time where I started to focus on his flaws. To the point where I dreaded hanging out with him, and eventually got fed up with his 'sex tantrums' so I broke up with him. (I was also very stressed with graduating college and starting my career of a kindergarten teacher half way trough the school year.) He basically groveled at my feet for weeks after. Suddenly I had an emotional moment where I felt an overwhelming urge to get back with him. He says I can't do this to him now when I wanted nothing to do with him. I think my emotions got the best of me and I even annoyed him to the point where he said 'bye, forever.' Would you still try? He said he loved me so fucking much and I find it hard to believe if that's true that he really meant his goodbye...


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  • Nah I'd back off for a while. Make yourself scarce and see if he reaches out to you. The fact that you started focusing on his flaws spells big problems. Do you think these flaws will magically disappear if you got back together with him? Are you just not remembering them because longing for him feels stronger? Are these "flaws" something he can overcome? Isn't something that he can improve upon if you brought them up?


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  • ... To the point, where I dreaded hanging out with him...
    Even if you both were to kiss and make up tomorrow, Imamess2013, it would only end up a full circle problem pattern of you going back to the Dreading of it all with his 'Sex tantrums' that most likely will never change, and with this in mind... have another change of heart. L eave
    Leave well enough alone. Even with his 'He said he loved me so f*cking much,' I don't believe it is enough where he would be willing to change for you.
    People say a lot of things in the heat of anger and he probably didn't mean it right then and there. However, what he will 'Mean' is the Mean things again he will pull when he is having his usual hissy fit once More behind closed doors.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If you really want him back I'd try but it seems like you were pretty bad to him so I wouldn't be surprised if he meant it

  • It over thanks for playing


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