Guys, Kicked me out of our house. Help?

So me and my ex had a kid. And before she was born we got along great. We were the couple other people wanted to be like. And we loved each other so much. Then once she was born, he bought us a house furniture and everything we needed. Mind you we're only 22. Anyway, 7 months into it, things just took a turn for the worst. He works out of town all week and comes home in the weekends. When he'd come home he'd just go out. And it bothered me because he seemed to have no desire to spend time with our baby girl. I'm not gonna lie, I bitched about him staying home and spending time with her. She's not gonna be little forever. Like I said it just got bad. He never cheated and neither did I. I'm not being naive either. He NEVER did. Anyway he ended up kicking me and my daughter out our house and I had to come back to my parents. I'm so embarrassed and miserable because I want to work it out. I don't believe in divorce. We're not married but we have a kid and that's worse. Married people can get divorced and never speak to each other again. But when you have a kid THATS forever. Basically I want to get back together and I don't know what I should do. I think everything came too fast for him and he still wanted to act like he has no responsibilities. Any advice on how I should do that?


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