Do you think he still has feelings for me?

He really liked me when we were dating. I broke up with him 2 months ago, because I thought we wanted different things in life.
i want to ask if he wants to get back together. Do you think he forgot about me or lost his feelings for me?


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  • You rejected him two months go and, if he thought about you in the past two months, that is what he was thinking about. That is much to overcome.

    Also, you broke up with him for a reason. Will you not encounter the same problem again?


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX", even if it is someone you started to know, started to nurture and nurse something with that didn't work out at first, there Could be an X that Marks This in their own softie spot here, dear, and Perhaps-----He still thinks about me.
    The writing on the wall and all is telling me things may have been moving along too fast and he grew cold duck feet and this is his reason for the season that he told you he 'Wanted different things in life.' He probably was referring to a Real Relationship of being hooked at the and wasn't ready nor raring at the beginning of your beguine to get Into the Big C, which I call "Commitment."
    Contact him and tell him you have been thinking of him. Tell him that you would like to start off as just hanging out and Being Friends and to see if anything later... might be different.
    No, don't use the phrase "Getting back together," you don't want this to start off on the wrong foot. Go slow with your flow and ease into it with care. He just may have a change of heart, feel relaxed enough to do this again and start off as a... friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • I thought we didn't want the same things in life. He wanted to commit and move forward but i got cold feet and broke it off.
      Now I want him back.

    • Okay, so it was Him who got the cold feet and now you want him back... okay, even better now.. contact him but no matter what, go slow with the flow and see where it goes now. xx

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  • Speak to him, apologize for brushing him off and ask him, only way to find your answers.. Good luck


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  • Are you still in contact?

    • No since I broke up, there wasn't one text or phone call

    • Well one thing I know for sure, if my ex who I still have feelings for wanted me back, I would like him to just be straight forward and say it loud and clear why he is contacting me. Spare me the "Hey how are you, how's life?" bullshit.

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