My ex answered my text... what now?

She sent me a text after 2 weeks of NC... I took a week to answer hers, which was stupid I know... but then she responded today (3 days after I sent mine) and she seems happy and lively, but obviously very busy with her work. She even stuck a smiley for good measure lol

I didn't ask any questions in my text... just let her know I was sorry for taking so long to answer and that I hope her exams are going well.

What should I do now?


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  • Wait till she responds to your more recent text. It sounds like you're hoping to reconcile?

    • You don't understand.

      She sent me a text 2 weeks ago... which took me a week to answer.

      She then replied to my text with the text she sent me today (3 days after mine).

      I have yet to answer it.

      I am hoping to reconcile yes.

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  • just text her back and make her laugh or something. by the way. R u trying to flirt with her or get back together or what?

    • I intend to answer her back.

      I don't know about flirting yet, maybe that's something I'll reserve to when/if we meet.

      Yes I'm trying to get her back.

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    • I feel as if talking and catching up is something to do in person... because it'll evoke positive bits of our past relationship and what's been going on so far. If I can make her happy an laugh... plus throw in some flirting too... it might take us to the next level where we'd get rowdy, kiss and maybe have sex.

      If we got to that point, maybe things would fall into place?

    • Yeah ok. If u think that is a good option and she would be up for it, then i think that would be a good idea. I was just thinking along the lines of trying to reduce the chance of rejection thats all.

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  • Wait for her to contact you. (sometimes this is easier said than done though)


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