I badly need help it hurts too much ;'( what should i do?

Hi I love a girl who is in greece and i am in another country. I love a girl truly and deeply. She is 18 and me 25. But she suddenly told me 1 day very angry she wants to be alone for 1 day or a month i asked y and she told me she dont want to in the 'golden cage' and she wants to be free and feel her heart free. She even deleted me on facebook 3 days ago and today she deleted me on Skype. I am soo depressed and my veins are nearly going to break. I haven't been to work for 4 days. I tried to contact her but she has been very rude and heartless to me and even told me to go die she doesn't want anything with me. Am so sad my hearts pains too much. Even i knew for 2 month and gave her all love i could i cannot understand wht went wrong. I am even planning to travel half the world to go to greece but she told her friend ahe doesn't want even to meet me. Plzzzz i beg for help. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
too clingy? i did nothing and we are from different countries. should i really forget about the relationship or give her time. it hurts tooooooo much :(


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  • She's 18 and has yet to experience. You're 25 looking to settle down.
    You both are at two different phases in life.
    I'm all for age differences since I met my current partner at 19 and he was 28.
    But we wanted the same thing.
    This girl feels trapped and caged in.
    Not healthy for any relationship (no matter what age)
    Let her breathe and stop smothering her.
    You being so clingy of her , is pushing her away.
    If you're constantly hovering over someone... how can they ever miss you? When you're always there.

    • if i stop being clingy is there a chance i get her back. i won't mind living the way she wants. i was clingy not because of things you said but i was afraid to lose her as i had many other heartbreaks and broken trust in life. so i didn't want to lose her. if there any chance to get her back? am i doing the right thing by going to greece in 1 month?

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    • Life isn't fair. Just leave her alone. Why not gather some dignity?

    • i am trying but thats my problem i care too much wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much. but am trying to get a hold of myself even if its not easy thanks to you people trying to help here. i was damned depressed i wanted to die at some moment

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  • LDR are One of the Hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any here, dear. It takes two special people to tangle and to Tango and to make the effort and to... have the patience to do this online all the time.
    As wise as I am, I am guessing she just didn't want to be hooked at the hip in this LDR and this is the reason of her own season Why She------Deleted me from Skype.
    I still have a husband out in Egypt who I had married three years ago. I haven't been back to see him in a long while because of all the things that are happening now that have gotten worse over in the Middle East, and it has left a big sour ball with him and his family. I ended up cheating on him, and eventually grew tired of my own online presence and began making lame duck excuses for not showing up for him.
    As much as it is killing you inside, you need to move on and start to lick your war wounds. If she is deleting you from her life, then you need to move on. Apparently, she may have even have found someone else, and with this, you deserve someday to find true happiness with someone who doesn't treat you like this little lady.
    However, should she come back, she can never be trusted again that it may happen... again.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you i guess your right yes. but i already booked my ticket to greece must i cancel it?

    • you think she will regret one day?

    • If you don't get a refund, you may be able to apply it towards another trip or be able to use it again up to a Year (The Greece one) and just pay a difference... I am so sorry you got this ticket but what is really sad, is you got a broken heart because she apparently got a change of heart... she may be back but you cannot trust her and even if not, she may think of the man behind the curtain from time to time... you are so welcome. xx

  • She asked you to leave her alone because you're too clingy. You should listen to her.

    • too clingy? i did nothing and we are from different countries. should i really forget about the relationship or give her time. it hurts tooooooo much :'(

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    • Also, don't go to Greece just to see her. That is beyond pathetic and makes you a stalker.

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  • I'm dealing with the same thing.. these girls are not loyal. You have to forget about it. And mark my words when you do forget about it, she's going to come back in your life saying how she messed up! Don't get depressed and not go to work. It's heartbreaking hearing what she said but that's who she is.. it honestly sucks! But take it min by min. Sulk in misery be depressed but in time you'll bounce out of it. Goodluck

    • Thnks man if you dealing with the same thing you know how it feels right. I wished i never knew her. But hey am trying to be strong those days :) i better be a heartless person :). Hope you going to be ok too. And i badly needed to talk during those times. So if you want to talk about it your welcome bro

  • WHAT SHOULD I DO? Move on she told you go die what love you're talking about? You loved a whore and bad girl. Go with your friends enjoy some hobbies try to not stay alone as possible. Also cut all the conection with this girl. And man up she's in another country and make you feel like this and you didn't go work ! Your veins will break! Man what if she was your real gf I mean you had memories etc what will you do? Man up leave this shit you asked for help this is the help take it or leave it

    • :( it just hurts like hell. i think even hell is better :( i understand you though

    • Boil water then put your hand in it can you? Thats less than hell so dont compare it to hell both differnt. Forget about the trip to go there it will look like joke this is the life you meet bad people you may meet good people this girl not worth it. Do some of your hobbies it will help. Goodluck

    • thanks man :(

  • Bruh. Stop. I know right now all of your feels are telling you all these things are true and permanent. But it's not. go watch a movie. Take a walk play a video game. Just do something to take your mind off of all this. Then all the thoughts are going to come back. When that happens stop and think "remember when I was (insert activity) and this wasn't on my mind. Yeah I wasn't even worried about it. Maybe I will be fine. Maybe I don't need to think about this right now." And keep doing this over and over and eventually you'll see you don't need this girl, you will be fine, and things will get better and you'll leave her alone. Trust me if she wants to come back she will trying to get her back will just push her away.

    • i tried all this i even watched movies my tears comes by itself i played games but i cannot concentrate. i haven't been to work 4 days. i still doesn't eat or sleep i feel like a zombie. i truly love her deep down my heart

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    • Misery is like snack foods. You keep going back to it because it's there, it's familiar and it's easy access. But it's bad for you and slowly kills you and in all honesty isn't that great of an experience. Quit cheating yourself outta life dude

    • well i like paintball though :D i can try to be happy yes indeed it will take time. am conscious of it. its just me in the end who wanted to keep hope i guess :) well i did my best for her she did not appreciate then fuck i will move on :) thanks bro

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