Help, what should I do?

first of all I'm the kind of person to seek attention to make myself feel better. I just think getting the opinion of other people my age and those older might help me figure this out. Okay so;
I'm a junior in high school taking advanced classes but struggling in math because I guess I've always struggled in it and I try but sometimes things dont work out the way I'd had hoped.
my best friend and I are constantly arguing because her boyfriend dislikes me and I dislike him and a mess.
my mom tells me that she and my dad are probably going to be divorced which I wouldn't mind because I hate the man she and him both have made me call my father for the past 17 years of my life. The only thing is that I have a 10 yr old sister and a 8yr old brother and my house (both me and my mom grew up here) that belonged to my grandmother was baught after she died from the bank and put under my fathers name. (worst thing my mother agreed to.) so if they divorce or separate the house is sold and neither can have it on whatever grounds that the court views it as. Neither me or my mom want to give up the house.
my father is always arguing with my mom and taking it out on me. My siblings add to the issue with their own fighting.
I'm really busy in school with all the testing going on and AP exams coming up and I dont know how to hold my ground with all of it.
Everyone who knows me has asked if I was alright because of how tired I look and apparently I've aged ten years (according to my chemistry teacher)
I'm not sure who I should talk to or what I should do. I feel kinda overwhelmed and its driving me crazy and it's gotten to the point where I am not sure if I still want to go to college after I graduate


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  • Maybe you should seek the help of a therapist.

    • I dont really trust many American professionals because most of them do their jobs just to make money. You aren't really a client or someone they want to help. You're just another face giving them money

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