Ex girlfriend phones me... then blocks me?

My ex broke up with me about a month and a week ago. She phoned me for the fust two weeks of our break up, then afterwards stopped. She's recently started phoning me again wanting to talk to me about family probelms. I phoned her back after she left a very sad voicemail, and told her that we could meet on the weekend to talk about stuff. I told her if she really needed to talk just let me know (just being polite) or maybe habit seeing as we dated for a year and a half. she's been phoning me all week wanting to talk and I haven't answered and she starts getting mad saying I said I would talk to her, but she broke up with me. She phoned me earlier yesterday which I didn't pick up cuz I want to be the one who phones her... I know it sounds weird but it makes me feel in control, or at least take control back, because she was a very controlling girlfriend. She left a voicemail basically saying to meet up at Starbucks on Saturday between 1-2, and said she's planing because you don't seem to be making any. Other reason I didn't call right away. I end up calling her later that night, it rang once and went straight to voicemail. She blocked me. So she's been calling me all week trying to get a hold of me to talk about family issues, apparenly I'm one of the only poeple she can talk to about this stuff. I was going to call her back when I feel I was ready and when she wasn't leaving a freaked out voicemails. Now she's blocked me so I can't contact her and left me a final voicemal to meet her at a Starbucks. So basiclly to me if I dont show up I'm being a dick. I wanted to be the one to make or confirm plans. I need to be in control. Should I leave a voicemail, if so what should I say? What's a good plan?
Maybe I phrased this question wrong. I would like to know how to contact her and what I should say to take back control of our meet up situation. Voicemail... what to say? Thanks!


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  • Sounds like you should just stay away from this one.


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  • she wanted u to know that she blocked u.. she did that on purpose which means she still has some attractions towards u.. so where ever u see her. weather its her work or college talk to her but not through texts or FB message

    • I was going to see her this weekend to talk. She says he wants to end on a good note... but she dumped me. Thats why I wanted to make the plans and am note sure if I should leave a voicemail telling her otherwise?

    • Meet with her up... just like when u guys first met... act like ur a complete stranger to her

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  • so block her or change your number.

    • I was going to after our meet up on Sat. I'm just trying to take the approach of being the one to set up plans and take control... not her. Not sure how I can take control now?

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