Have you ever known someone (maybe even yourself) who was very stubborn but realized what they lost and changed their ways to get their ex back?

My boyfriend and I got in a very bad argument on Monday night and I texted and called Tuesday and got no responses so I finally gave up. He's always be very stubborn and I'm always the one to reach out and make plans for us and be the really caring one. When I tried to ask for reciprocation he always got very irritated and told me I didn't love him for who he was because I was asking him to change. Now that I have given up on him, is it possible he will realize what he lost or am I just giving myself false hope?


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  • He may change and realize that you were a good catch that he let slipped away. But I think it would take a lot of time a part and him not seeing you in order for him to realize it. If he cared for you a lot then he may think about it.

    • he claimed he cared about me a lot and we talked about breaking up a couple times but he said he was worried he would miss me too much and he didn't want to not talk to me because I'm his best friend. 😔

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    • Well I called him and I think he's angrier and we are definitely not getting back together.

    • That really sucks. :( Well at least you know where you stand. He shouldn't be mad or angry.

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  • Yes, it's possible that a dose of rejection will make him realize he should think things through...

    But don't count on it, Most of the time, people are not willing to make significant changes in their behavior patterns, as of course you know!

    But tough love DOES sometimes reach people.

  • Well, if he loves you there's always a chance he'll "see the light" and realize that the girl who took care of him is gone. And that he misses her.
    On the other hand, I'm not certain I remember what "loving for who he is" means in this case. You told about him before but I don't remember the details.
    In other words: how bad is "who he is". Is he a total fool or is it just about a weak point of his?

  • not my X... but i realized how stubborn i was in some other situations basically... especially during my childhood... i believe i made some "wrong" choices


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