How do I contact my ex girlfriend back?

She's been phoning me all week wanting to talk and I haven't answered and she starts getting mad saying I said I would talk to her, which I said out of habit ( or hidden love for her) last weekend... but she broke up with me. I told her we could meet up next weekend for coffee and to talk which she agreed to. She phoned me earlier yesterday which I didn't pick up. I need to feel in control, or at least take control back, from a controlling girlfriend. She left a voicemail basically saying to meet up at Starbucks on Saturday between 3 and 4, and said she's planing because I don't seem to be making any. Other reason I didn't call right away. I end up calling her later that night, it rang once and went straight to voicemail. She blocked me. So she's been calling me all week trying to get a hold of me to talk about issues, apparenly I'm one of the only poeple she can talk to about this stuff. Now she's blocked me so I can't contact her and left me a final voicemal to meet her at a Starbucks. So basiclly to me if I dont show up I look like a complete ass. I need to be the person to make the plans. Should I try calling her again today? Its probably blocked so what should I say in the voicemail?


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  • What a ball-buster... She did you a favor by ending the relationship. Who says you have to contact her at all? Why not break off all contact and move on? That's what I do.

    • I wish I could do that man. Everyone else is doing the same thing. I still have feelings for this girl... I just want to get back in control and tell her something. Like Can't meet at that time maybe later on... but don't wanna seem weird like I'm just going against her.

    • You still have feelings for someone who treats you that way? That makes no sense to me. You can do SO much better.

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