Curious about her love?

We have been together 4 years I'm 36 she's 25 we've had our fair share of ups and downs. I'm in love with her she told me rrecently she wanted space I disagreed and said we could work on it togeather, I'm her 2nd boyfriend first relationship 7yrs now mine 4yrs... so we decided to break up but still live together... She says she wants to be independent , and not have a curfew when she's at her friends house or club. She says its not about a man because I'm the only one she wants to have sex with and I believe her!.. She says she has always been in relationships... and never lived free so I agreed because I'm overbearing sometimes. We still act/live like were together... sex, family, cooking, and talking. But when she goes out I don't say anything. I do trust her... so recently my ex called from Texas and was going to bring my son so I can see him, I told her that and she got upset and became distant.. She started saying I was single do whatever but her actions said different. She still feels strong about not being with me. But in the future she wants to marry me... we have 3 kids 1 is my biological... (17months) don't wanna lose my family... lost...
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She says she didn't believe I love her I think she's manipulating the situation cuz she knows she got the upper hand?
She told me yesterday she's not gay or bi she's straight she's not gonna persue that lifestyle and she apologized... (Which is rare)


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  • She is 25. What do you expect?

    • What that mean

    • That means she is acting like a normal 25 year old

    • she has kids by the sounds of it so she can't act like any normal 25 year old n besides what exactly is normal?

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