Does a new relationship help you forget ex?

I'm just wondering because I still love and miss my ex it's also its been 2.5 months since the break up but I have to get over him because he is an asshole.

Will dating help me get over him?


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  • A new relationship will not help, it will potentially make the whole situation a lot worse not only for you but for the person you get with.

    Dealing with breakups is hard, I myself and going through one right now. My suggestion for you is to try everything in your power not to think about it. A good way I find for this is to read books (possibly a past favourite), be with friends and take care of myself. Start looking up meal plans or new recipes to try out, go the the gym or take up running. All this is to improve yourself and not to think about the past, its all about looking forward to a brighter you. Another great thing I have found it team sports, it allows you to make new connections with people and keep busy. Many of these sports are weekly and non competitive which allows you to create close friendships.

    To sum it up, keep yourself busy and work on self improvement. Before you know it you will be happier than ever I promise.

    I hope this helps you, hang in there!


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  • No, that's just a rebound relationship and it just makes things worse not better.


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  • Not really i have tried it before and it didn't work you end up hurting the other person and yourself 😏😩


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