I'm not attracted to his ancestral lineage, African tribe etc.. proper ways to reject and/or friendzone?

First and foremost I feel terrible so take an easy with those responses ^_^

So there's a guy and he's liked me for a while. He texts me goodnight and random things to talk about. He even wants to come to my house and meet my parents.
"Voluntarily his idea"
He's not ugly but there's something that bothers me something I never expected.

He's from Ghana, I'm black too and I've always adored my African friends. I even joke and say I'd marry one because I have so many attractive African guy friends. And that I would learn to cook all his favorite native foods, dress up etcz..

But it turns out I don't think I'm not attracted to his particular ethnic group and can't see myself merging with that his culture
I seriously couldn't imagine kids together. "Yeah I've thought it out that far"

What do I do?
He hasn't done anything wrong thus far, so I couldn't think of any reason to say lets just be friends or I'm not interested without giving a generic reason, which he will most likely know isn't genuine.


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  • Don't feel terrible, You don't need a good reason, you just need a reason.

    If you want to be genuine, you have to tell the truth, there no way around it.

    The classic is just "I only see you as a friend" which could still be true. Or maybe "I just can't see myself together with you, we are not compatible" which is definitely true.


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  • this has to be the stupidest reason to reject someone i have ever seen. :/

    • It actually happens more than you think in almost every place. Besides his culture is apart of him if I can't see myself getting into that. Why bother?

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    • We're ralking about Africa, the CONTINENT, right. Wow. I don't know if you're a troll or if you're just ignorant as hell... I'm gonna go with ignorant as hell.
      Damn... Your source of education needs to step it up... Smh. And how ironic of you, a "black" man, to say this...

    • like i said before they purposely smashed their own culture when they sold the slave en masse their cultures are largely the same the language varies on location though

  • You have some issues.


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  • What's the problem, stop leading him in And break up. It's really sad simple as that. Your not attracted to him romantically, so I think you should move in.


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