If you told your (ex) girlfriend she's crazy and needs to see a therapist and she did and she got on medication and recovered, would you try again?

my now ex boyfriend told me i'm crazy and need to see a psychiatrist. i'm going to, i have an appointment and i want to get better and not be so crazy. he said maybe he would consider seeing me again but he can't be there through this process because he can't trust me and is afraid of me right now. if i get better and get on meds, do you think there's any chance he could take me back in a few months? he said he would consider it if he's still single but my thought is he was just trying to placate me.


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  • He might, he might not. It would depend on a lot of things. How attached he was to the girl in the first place, what the illness was, and how the behaviour changes when medicated and when not. Whether or not it would be something that would be manageable over time, how long term he is thinking. How much he likes the girl in general.

    If he is saying "I will consider it, IF I'm single, and IF you're all better", then that's not a positive sign. That's kind of just admitting he is not going to wait for the girl, he doesn't much care about her progress, but if he is lonely and/or horny and she is not a threat, then he may consider throwing her a bone. That's kind of shitty, and not very empathetic.

    Getting help for mental illness is great, it's a positive and the girl should be doing it. But she should be doing it for HER, not for a guy. That's just putting the responsibility for her emotional well-being in the hands of another, which is almost always a terrible, terrible idea. She needs to get better for herself, so she can be the person she is supposed to be, and find a guy that will have empathy and understanding and acceptance of her condition and be willing to actually stick around should there be a relapse or additional complications.


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  • Something like this happened to me a couple of times. Unfortuantely, even though they followed my advice and got therapy which helped them quite a bit, they resented me ever afterwards for suggesting they needed it, and were never comfortable talking with me again.

    Or, perhaps, their therapist told them to avoid me since they are supposed to keep therapy confidential, I'm not sure.

  • If you really had a place in his heart, you have a very good chance :-)
    You know, someone doing big efforts to solve their weak point, just for you, that means a lot to people!
    Wish you all the luck and strength you'll need during treatment and I really hope we'll hear a smiling and happy girl in a few months :D :D

  • he sounds like he go issues. if he cared for you he would stand by you


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