If our friendship meant so much, why would my ex wait 6 months to contact me?

My ex broke up with me and was very hateful about the entire thing. I didn't hear from him for about 6 wks and then finally he says we can be friends.

The thing is that he is not apologizing for any of the bad he has done. It almost feels like he's trying to pick up where he left off. Why would a guy do this especially if he wasn't trying to be friends before.
I meant six weeks guys sorry.


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  • Well you must take him for what he said. He didn't say he wanted to get back together with you. He said he wanted to be just friends.

    And also when someone reaches out to you after they did you wrong them need to amends. And the fact he didn't do that naturally shows possibly he has not changed. I must tell you people don't tend to change.

    But this all comes down o what willing to accept and your outlook. If you want to date him again then tell him. Not be friends with hm and friend zone yourself if you do not want to. After list pins to you and apologies then you forgive him and you both date under terms you both set.

    Also by the way for at least the first date if he did you wrong as you said it he need t pick you. Up and take you out on a date.

  • he probably just needed some time to get over the whole thing.


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