Would it be better if?

My only relationship to date has been both online and long-distance, but it lasted eight months. Frankly, right now it's moving towards a break-up, but while I don't want that to happen, I need to be thinking ahead.

If it ends, when I start dating again, would it be better to let my next girlfriend know my past experience, and that this is all there is of it, or to pretend I have none?
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  • There is no need to tell your future girlfriend about your past one.

    • I guess. It was kind of uncomfortable when my girlfriend told me about one of her exs...

    • I think couples should just avoid talking about their past relationships entirely.

  • Don't mention it unless she brings it up.

    • I don't plan to bring it up. I just wasn't sure, if she asks, whether it would be better to detail the (admittedly very unusual) situation or just say I've never been in a relationship before.

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