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I've been on and off with this guy for years. We have had a rough past. We also have a six year old beautiful son together. He broke up with me and I had to leave due to certain circumstances. He has our son in WI and I am in FL just finishing training. I am about to have our second baby which is a girl and I miss him and my son. Unfortunately he is seeing another girl. I love the guy and I am not sure what to do. It hurts. He won't even make it for her birth.


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  • Make him pay chuld support.

    • I mean we are in agreement that is not what we want to do to one another since we are still doing what we need to do for the kids. The kids are taken care of. I am also trying to find a way to move to WI so I can get back near my son. I just can't do it right now because I can't travel so close to my due date. So Meier of us is trying to do the child support thing but just a few months ago on break from my school I visited and we were sleeping together and he seemed to be loving towards me. Now that he is in his new career setting in WI and I'm not there he is onto someone new. Yeah I'm pregnant with hormones but I love him and I wish I had his support and love. I feel alone. It sucks that he is able to find someone to date and I am sitting here about to give birth to our daughter and I have NO ONE.

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  • So... how many months were you when he broke up with you? And from that breakup date how soon was it that he got into another relationship with a new girl?


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