Omg can I just get over my ex already?

I'm really here to just vent. Any advice is welcomed. Dated a guy 6 months and he just didn't seem that into me and I was falling for him. Broke up with him because we didn't communicate often (even after disscusing the problem) and on Christmas eve he was ignoring my texts and phone calls because he was at his female friends house when he was suppose to be going with me to my moms. He texted me saying if it was a misunderstanding he would forget about it and he wanted me in his life. 3 days later I Told him i wanted to work on it and he said he would think about it, so I said nevermind bye. 4 months later I feel pathetic that I still think about him everyday when I haven't heard from him since the breakup. I just found out he purchased a house and I am excited for him, but I feel like I am missing out. I'm trying to move on but we have mutual friends so they bring him up often not realizing I'm still hurting. None of our friends took our relationship seriously as I was his first girlfriend and he's really immature. I know I will EVENTUALLY find someone else. I'm not in a good state to date anyone right now, even him, if we could work things out. I need to let go and move on but for whatever reason I can't. I've noticed I do this everytime a breakup happens. I hold on to this hope when they make it clear that I'm not worth it to them. Why would I sabatoge my own happiness over someone who took me for granted? I don't believe its validation or ego. I really care about him. Mehhh advice to the crazy person?


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  • You are so hot lol.. Move on I'm sure you got plenty of guys on your nuts.. metaphorically spEaking. I think u still like the assholes guys even though you are 24.

    • Thanks, I don't really have too many guys that approach me. You're right though about me still liking assholes, they're more immature than assholes, but still it seems to be the common factor in my ex's. I think it's because I'm still really immature too.

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    • I shouldn't say that I ALWAYS believed he cared because at the end, with the lack of communication, it seemed clear that he didn't. Now I haven't heard from him and he was over me so quickly it really feels like he didn't care and I was right. I've tried reaching out and he responds with short sentences. I can't force a relationship he doesn't want especially if he doesn't care. It just sucks lol Im clearly holding on for some reason and I want to move on

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  • First off you're so pretty!

    Second you deserve someone else who wants to include you in their lives. This one doesn't seem to. So ok we understand that what now? Get your hair done, get your nails done, get into a good book, find a hobby something that will consume you and your time. I've done this so many times already that its second nature when something doesn't work out. I wouldn't date right now since you aren't in a good place. And there is the #1 rule: the no contact rule. You dont call him, text him (that means drunk texting or mistake texts you know what im talking about), don't stalk his FB, twitter, instagram because its only going to make it harder for you to get over him.

    Why is it people say "there is no closure"? when its literally staring you right in the face. Men don't need to say anything their body language and disinterest is enough. Thats closure. Your job isn't to fix him or the relationship or change something you could have done better. Your job is to take care of yourself, do not contact, and date when you are ready.

    • Thanks for the advice, but yeah i've done all that stuff. I'm usually a master of the no contact rule. Just hung up on this one because he had so much potential and now he's starting to grow up and show it. Time is the only thing that can help me I guess.

  • Tell them to stop bringing his f-ing name up

  • You're not crazy girl. Im going through something that is somewhat comparable. I want to give up now after no response. But I told the person I need some closure...

    • Yeah I didn't even try to get closure as everything he had to say was just to hurt me. I know he liked me but his actions didn't match so I don't regret breaking up with him. Just feel like I'm missing out now especially since he bought a house. 70% of our problems were because we didn't have privacy. He threw me away though so there's not much else to say.

    • As did the one I'm talking about. Just threw me away. It hurts like hell!

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