Is it good to end on good terms if I want my ex boyfriend back?

We split up a week ago. To be honest to me it was because he didn't want to give me back the money he owes me. Anyway he has tried loads of things by saying he has a new girlfriend now. He does things like make it look like his female friends are better to him then I am but i know he tells me all lies. So i got my brother to contact him seeing how he doesn't want to speak to me anymore about the money. Then he later mentioned he just wanted time and space then everything between us would've been fine but i ruined it. Today he said he doesn't want to speak to me anymore and he will contact me in the future about my money. He said it was for the best. Why?
Then he said he wants us to end on good terms so it's easier in the future. I don't understand why he would want to contact me in the future if i ruined his life so much. I just wanna know is there any chance i will get my boyfriend back?


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  • No. He's telling you what you want to hear so you will leave him alone and hope you forget about the money. Or, leave on good terms so you don't take him to small claims court to get back the money he owes you.


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  • Why would you even want that lying, stealing bastard back. My ex owes me money and he acts as if he doesn't. Just drop him and move on. Hopefully he doesn't owe you very much. He's clearly a douche and you can do WAYYY better.


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