How do you deal with a breakup?

This week I've broke up with my girlfriend. Im feeling sad, depress, and like if its gonna be a long recovery. I think a lot about myself and my relationship. Its my second break up. I feel like this one his worse. Its was my first more serious relationship. Living together for 2 years.

What do you do when your in that stage of a breakup.
Thank you in advance for your advice :)
My girlfriend broke up with me


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  • I'm struggling too with a break up that happened 4 months ago. Cut contact, accept the break up (hardest part for me), focus on yourself and throw yourself into a new hobby/job. I struggle because we have mutual friends so I get to hear how awesome he's doing -_-. The best thing to do is cut her right out, block her in your phone, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram. no contact has always helped me in the past.

    • lol sorry to hear that i still live with her for a while for the rent and stuff

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  • I'm so sorry for your pain, vincehb12, everyone somehow, somewhere has... been there. And being you have just started, you haven't begun your beguine of licking your war wounds, for you Are------Feeling sad, depress, and like it's gonna be a long recovery.
    Yes, I am not going to lie to you. You both have this long history so it may take longer than someone else who has had shorter time with their soul mate.
    For now, take it slow, focus on you. You need this time to allow Time to heal all wounds, which somehow, eventually happens.
    I am not going to also sugar coat anything here, dear. Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye forever, my love. With an EX who still Marks an X in your own heart, I am guessing, as wise as I am, that she is also Missing the Kissing and in time... you probably will hear from her again.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks your so kind

    • Oh, so welcome... I still have a husband out in Egypt who although we Break up and Make up all of th etime, there is still love... and contact, for we have been together for nearly 4 years... xx

  • Completely cut him out of my life and make a list of every single thing he ever did that was a threat to my joy, peace, and self-esteem. Also helps to be incredibly charming and flirt endlessly with other men ☺


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  • I'm going through a break up too, except it's my ex who dumped me.

    It's hard, really hard. You keep replaying the best moments of your relationship over and over in your head, you constantly think about the what ifs, you daydream that you're holding their hand or embracing them and you feel extremely vulnerable, love sick and reduced of all energy.

    I've been dumped twice in the past and just like you, this time feels even worse.

    I have a good knack of putting a "cloak" on and making people feel like I'm OK and not depressed about it... but deep down, and in private, I'm a wreck.

    You live, you learn and you move on I guess.

  • To be honest bro the only way to legit get over a breakup is to get inside someone new. Trust me!

  • I have always moved right along. no looking back.


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