Did he use me to get back with his ex?

I got this guy's number (he had a girlfriend at the time of like 9 months) about 4 months ago and we texted almost everyday for about two weeks then he just disappeared. About a month ago he up and texted me saying he just broke up with his girlfriend yesterday and he then asked me if I was going to prom and I said no because I didn't want to go alone. He then asked to be his date to prom and I said yes. We hung out a few days after and texted every few days until prom came about a month later. Prom ended and he posted a pic of us on Instagram and less then a week later he followed his ex again and wrote in his bio that he was taken. Like wtf? Anyways it's been a few weeks and he hasn't texted me but one to invite me to hangout but I couldn't at the time. He still likes almost all of my Instagram posts so I don't know. I'm kinda stuck between thinking he was just being a complete douche and needed an ego boost and to get back with his girlfriend or if I just looked way too much into it and all this time he thought of me just as a friend/and still wants to be friends. Opinions are greatly appreciated.


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  • Sounds like he did. Just some advice for the future: if a guy gives out his number and texts you while he's in a relationship with another girl, you should probably steer clear.


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  • Just go up to him and be like hey your confusing the cap out of me are you using me to get back your ex or your trying to get back together with your ex cause from the past few from months you been little on top of your ex to me you seem your not over her is just I'm confused please tell me what's going on
    something like that


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