What would you consider signs that your ex is stalking you?

Like the question says, what would you consier as signs that your ex is stalking you and not coincidence?


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  • I read your reply to a previous answer. If she has a boyfriend then I wouldn't really bother analyzing her behavior. She might just enjoy knowing she's moved on and wants to rub this in your face. It doesn't mean she wants you back necessarily. She could just be immature and have resentment in her heart towards you for some reason.

    • Well the issue isn't she has a boyfriend (although this boyfriend looks exactly like me... which is creepy as hell), but the fact that she keeps coming back in cycles of 4 to 6 months, unexplained and doing the stuff I mentioned before.

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    • err that cut off..."I am moving to 'city', you're live there too right?" then proceeded to ask me which places I frequent, etc. and asking me about personal details about my life there.

    • Unless she has done anything physically that could lead you to think she'll cause danger to you I'd say you should just relax. It doesn't sound like has done anything dangerous.

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  • Omg I don't know but I may be guilty of this so tommorow I'm cutting off the WiFi hope I find normal again

  • Showing up at the same stores or movies

    • Okay this is what's been happening:
      What I am experiencing now:
      - Frequently showing up at places where I'll be for extended periods.
      - Showcasing new boyfriend.
      - Trying to get my attention passively.

      In the past (immediately post-break up) :
      - Silent treatment/cold shoulder.
      - Flirting with other guys infront of me.
      - Frequently showing up at places where I'll be for extended periods (again)
      - Constantly checking up on me/staring at me/watching who I interact with.

      What would your take be?

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