Guys, Will we get back? is there a chance?

So i met him through a very close guy friend and at the beginning when my ex met we wore meeting as possible business partners and i saw it as that in the beginning too. But we begin hanging out more and more and I started to like him guess we naturally kind of went away from just business partners to romantically involved. It was amazing, he really opened up a way he didn't even with his closes friends. I felt more and more for him. but through this time i came more more sure of him, even though our initial start was business based While the complication of us being with each other and starting a commitment of building a business started we wore dealing with it and trying to separate it... He was the best boyfriend any girl could ask for he would do anything for me even though i didn't ask. Then things started to go down hill we both started having problems with outside he started having dramas with his work situation and had to work a lot and was really stressed about everything and i wasn't helping the situation by wanting to be with him more and seeing him more. I'm not a person who expresses everything in detail and talk a lot about feelings at all. I started to complain because we stopped being sexually involved at all it scared me i didn't know whats wrong. he didn't tell me whats going on with him and again, i was also going through a lot of stress too; we both lost a lot of money with other investments we wore making. it came to point that i told him i couldn't take it anymore and i told him and he told me i don't want to lose you please i will try to fix this. but like bitterly a week later he asked for a break, he said I'm not happy with us in general and that we need to have break and we will get back i promise u! we need to figure out our stresses and come back! continued on cm


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  • If you think he's a keeper he'd definitely return... All relationships go through hard times but you gotta discuss your problems with each other regularly.. A gentleman must keep his promise and there is where your future depends with him.. If he does not return, well he was never worth it then.. simple... And You should try to open up about how you feel.. And try keeping your personal and professional life separate


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