What are the reasons she would contact me?

After spending a couple of weeks not talking... My ex contact me. I replied indifferently and then she responded what seemed happily and quicker than I did.



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  • She either still likes you, wants you to try again, has changed her mind or just wants friendship. But wanting to keep contact with a guy generally = unresolved feelings..

    • Well I already told her many times I didn't want to be friends, in fact I told her I never would with any ex.

      What should I do? I responded to her text in a friendly manner but I took a week to send it... she still answered after 3 days and seemed happy.

    • If you want her back then talk in a way which suggests that & then see how she responds. If you don't then don't respond to her again, otherwise you're just playing with her emotions

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  • she probably wants a seccond try, or she wants to get something out of you. if you know she has a mean side and/or mean friends just block her and ignore her because she may be trying to get you into shit or use you. if she is really quite nice then just talk normally like u dated once and now you dont i dont see why it has to be a big deal with ex's. but still be cautious...

    • She's no where near being a bitch. She was always nice to me. I responded to her initial text nicely and she responded to mine nicely too so there are clearly no hard feelings. I just don't know why she'd bother texting me if she was over me.

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  • She might want to remain friends, or she might want to rekindle the relationship. Either way, if it were me, I wouldn't take the bait.


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