How do I go about telling my husband that we are through?

My husband is a "functioning" alcoholic... but he hasn't made an effort to work at all these past 2 months. He constantly asks his mom to help us (financially) and his lazy ass sits around on facebook all day or lays around watching TV. I forced him to quit smoking weed (he was doing it in the house and we have a god damn baby) but I think he is still smoking it behind my back, which is why he is making no damn effort to look for work because he knows he can't pass a damn drug test. He knows he has a drinking problem, he can't go out and just have a couple, he has to stay out into the next day and come home sloppy hungover, and then lays around like a useless POS the entire day sleeping. He has lied to my face 3 times over the past 2 months, claiming he is just going to hang out with this person or that person and will only be a couple of hours and of course, it is always into the next day or 2. I am fucking fed up! He knows he needs help, he's told me he does, yet he never goes to get it. I've given him chance after chance to go see someone, and nothing. There is no effort. At that, I am living in HIS country, miserable with no friends or family, I am a full time student, and like I mentioned, a full time mom. I have only been married to him for 11 months, and I have been nothing but disappointed and feeling like a single mother the entire time. I feel as if nothing but empty promises have been made... he wanted a wife and a baby yet does NOTHING to take care of either of us, which is why I am calling it quits whenever he decides to return home in the morning. I am taking our son and going back to my home country. I can have an entire support system there and work and provide for us, unlike his pathetic so-called "father". But how should I put it? Just say as of now, a permanent seperation is in order? He doesn't deserve to even be let down lightly after all that he's put me through.


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  • First I will say that i was upset by your use of the term "god damn baby". How can you refer to your baby that way?

    As for the leaving, when you go back to your country, you will still be his wife. The jurisdictions may prevent you from chanting that. You should at least think about that first.

    • *changing that

    • Sorry, I guess I meant to say baby, god damnit! haha love my baby, just so angry at the moment can't word sentences properly. And also, the rule is whatever country baby was born in has jurisdiction, which I delivered in my country anyways.

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  • Leave him for the child's sake


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  • 1. talk about it with your best friend and family to get their support.
    2. find a marriage counselor and see if he want to change.
    3. find a divorce lawyer if he stay like that.

    Remember you and you child deserve better future, don't let him drag both of you to hell.


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