Can I get her back for good?

My now ex girlfriend just broke up with me. We met 3 years ago and fell in love almost instantly. We live in different countries but regularly visit each other. We broke up again a few months ago because I got clingy and kept pushing her away. We got back together again and she flew to visit me for a week recently. We argued for the 1st day or so about stuff that happened in the past but the last 5 days were perfect. Anyway she decided to steal my old phone and take it home with her. She found a lot of fake accounts on that phone which she presumes I set up (I didn't), I lent that phone to a friend and it turns out that friend was a jealous crazy girl that fancied me. Apparently I didn't delete all the personal pics of me and my now ex off that phone when I lent it to crazy friend. It turns out that crazy friend had set up fake accounts on my phone and stalked and sent crazy messages to my ex. My ex now thinks I set this all up and despite me getting the police involved, she won't believe me. I have lied to her in the past but came clean ages ago. She also told a lot of lies on the past to me too. We were ready to get married and have kids less than a month ago and now she's blocked me off everything and hates me. How can I prove it wasn't me or that I'm not lying? Thanks for your advice
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I'm aware how crazy it sounds. I would have trouble believing it too. But my ex thought I made this girl up to and that it was me all along. I had to make the crazy girl call me so I could record the call just to prove it wasn't me. My ex emailed me a few times today saying she hasn't blocked me etc but she has.


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  • Great story, you need to give her space to decide if she can forgive you or not. she's angry and you don't want to push her away in these very crucial stages. So wait till she unblocks you then try to ask her.

  • That's some story, this is such a cluster fuck. Because maybe she wants to believe you but she can't trust it.
    I mean not for nothing it's pretty out there.

    • Any advice on how I could get her back? Thanks

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    • So wait, a crazy jealous ex friend created an account pretending it was you. And made your then girlfriend think it was you? This is bizzare...😯 wait... So it wasn't you, it was her all along

    • Yes it was the other girl the whole time, I had no idea what she was up to and when i got the phone back from her I never even turned it on, a week into her visit my girlfriend (now ex) decided to have a look while I was out and found all these crazy accounts in various names and photos of my ex that I've never even seen before and some old photos that my ex sent to me so I guess my email account was still on that phone and she could sign into my email. I know I deleted every picture off there before I gave it to her so that's the only way she could get them old pics. She admitted it to the police and said she was desperate to break us up because she thinks my girlfriend wasn't good enough for me. I've explained this all to my ex but with no success

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