Why does he act like this?

He broke up with me. I suspect he has serious fear of commitment. He doesn't talk to me, but I always notice him staring. When I talk to him, he seems really nervous, he stares at my eyes, and when the conversation is over, he just stands there staring at me, as though he's hoping I'll say more. He's pretty insecure. Why does he act like this?


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  • It's obvious, isn't it? He loves you and wanna take your relationship to the next level. Talk to him when he's alone and find out all his insecurities and if you feel that he loves you truly, then get back together. Good luck! :)

    • Thank you. I hope you're right. I actually love him dearly.

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    • But do you agree that I am probably going to have to be the one to make the move? I think there may also be some pride at work here.

    • Do not bring pride into your relationship dear. Just make him feel that you love him and who knows? He might make a move and propose you again even before you make a move. You said you love him dearly isn't it? Thats what really matters here. Both of you should have love for each other. So, go ahead and talk to him :) Good luck!

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  • He still likes you


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