Girlfriend said I was moody?

Was dealing with a lot of stress in the military and dealing with my father going through cancer not sure if he was going to make it. I hate the idea of being called moody probabaly the biggest insult to a guy. I told her this during the breakup. Would you excuse this if he wasn't like this before? I would snap on her and realize I hurt her the next day and then apologize because I didn't want to lose or hurt her. Just got the best of me. She was passive aggressive with me couldn't handle Just keeping calm anymore.
I didn't give her any compassion or showed her how much I loved her. I didn't maintain it I just let things slide focused on myself and figured she would come around and stop acting passive aggressive. Saif she felt used anf that she couldn't believe I loved her. Pretty sure she thought I was cheating too.


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  • dump her honey, thats messed up! you are going through a lot, she isn't worth you're time


What Guys Said 1

  • Mate, leave her alone, she should be more understanding, no doubt.
    Maybe just concentrate on yourself for a while


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