Do you put blame where it truly belongs when things go wrong?

In the wake of a break-up, do you find yourself questioning whether you could have done something different when it wasn't your fault, do you put undue blame on the other person when it was your fault, or would you say you're pretty objective?
  • I tend to put undue blame on the other person
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  • I tend to put undue blame on myself
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  • I try to keep a balanced view and mostly succeed
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  • Meh, I don't let myself get invested in the first place
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted B, but I think it mostly depends on how soon after the break up we're talking. Immediately after, I'll blame myself. In the anger phase, I'll blame the other person. Once I'm able to gain some perspective (ie enough time has passed for the break up to no longer sting), I can see it objectively.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I focus more on just solving the issue then just pointing fingers which unfortunately is the exact opposite for my society. We care more about finding out who we can blame than actually solving the issues at hand. I put blame where it's due and I do it only if I think it can solve some issue or prevent one in the future.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think it truly depends on what stage of the break-up you are in. Once the pain/hurt is gone and you are past the anger stage, then you are able to see it for what truly was wrong with the relationship you will be able to see a balanced view of what was damaging to the relationship and properly put blame where it belongs. Until you are at that point you have not fully healed.

  • Before entering into relationships we do have choices, so sometimes we make trashy choices, some are just super duper choices. But, somewhere we do seek something that we WOULD like to see in a person, and this quest brings misery later. Holding head high and maintaining self respect is very much on my agenda. Don't care a damn what others think about me. I am answerable to myself and no one


What Guys Said 2

  • yes definetely

    i've blamed myself many times basically

  • when i was young no but now i spit the truth everywhere so people hate me cause the truth sucks


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