If I moved on, would he know it was because he didn't make a move?

So there was this guy, He used to show a lot of signs he liked me, and I was oblivious but when I started to notice I started liking him back, but he has never made a move, when I did initiate conversation, he seemed disengaged and uninterested, he would purposely act disinterested as if I was needy, which I rarely ever spoke to him or looked at him.
I know you can't make a guy or anyone act or feel some type of way but, I want him to think "Man, I missed out, if only I took the opportunity to ask her out" or "She's moving on, maybe I should step it up" I want him to know that if he doesn't make a move I'll move on for good, we don't talk much our connection has been mostly vibes and chemistry. and eye contact.
I'm tired of feeling like he's acting overly disinterested because of something I did, or because he thinks I'm too into him.


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  • Just talk to him if you like him. Don't play these mind games. He's probably shy and thinks you don't like him. So, he's afraid to make a move or doesn't know how to. If you have the courage to make a move and you're interested in him, then do it. There is no point trying to make him feel like he 'missed' out if he doesn't know you like him in the first place. He won't know for sure, unless you directly talk to him about your feelings. =)


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  • I was in the EXACT situation :/ I moved on coz I was sick of waiting for nearly A YEAR AND A HALF ... Now thank God I have a lovely boyfriend that respects me abd treats me like a princess :) The guy I liked still gives the hints to me but since I fell in love with someone else , I just try to not look at him to avoid eye contact... and I try not to be where he is... maybe like that he will get the hint that I moved on...


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  • Why don't you make a move and if he doesn't go for it then move on.

    That is what us guys do. We don't sit back and wonder.


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