After 3 month no contact ex suddenly texts me?

basically he texted me while being hangover, asking to go for a coffee to catch up?

on what? we didn't speak for 3 month, he suddenly cares asking if am seeing someone, how am i? said randomly decided to text me, blaming me dumping him and stuff like that... said relationship didn't work due to stress and work.. he even didn't realize it will be one prior us meeting..

didn't understand why he suddenly cares, calls me hun and talks about furture.. says we are friends etc... however he was the to unfriend me and said its over after me leaving him.

ohh yeah and he said when we meet we can talk about anything.. he now lives alone and needs looking after. ,, he blames timing etc and pretends he never fell out with me..


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  • hangover u said... judge by yerself basically... he's still not TOTALLY sober... so...;-)

    • well so he said.. he was texting me when he was sober after month... and today apparantly he needs looking after so he texted me.. asking if we can go for a coffee?

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  • He can't find anyone better.

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