Has an ex ever mirrored you at the start and then turned into a horrible person after?

Hi, I just broke up with someone who seemed like a dream come true. He liked everything I liked and had the same ideas as me. Then he became kind of clingy and now he is horrible. He would get mad and call me names. I ended it with him. I'm sick of dating guys who just tell me what they think I want to hear.



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  • Fake immature BOYS play those games, real men have enough integrity to be honest. Up the level on what you expect and don't be afraid to make a few demands... don't settle for less than what you know you need and be ready to compromise on things that don't really matter only to the extent YOU feel comfortable. YOU are responsible for your own happiness to a degree.


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  • Never been in a realtionship


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  • yes. I dated a guy who i thought was the sweetest ever. He turn into a monster. He was flirting with other girls, didn't value me later. He couldn't even choose to be committed to me because of all the online random girls. so sad.

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