Why is my ex referring to our break up as "we were taking space"? Why does he pretend like nothing happened?

First of all, we had a mutual fallout and then my ex wanted to be friends, I DID NOT. I was pretty much ready to cut him OFF. We had exchanged emails every few months, but very general topics.

Now, the most recent email he says that he "hopes I understand why we took space from each other." Excuse me? Space? That's funny when he was so sure that he would never return to his old feelings for me. Half a year later, he says these things and that he wants to improve our communication to move towards the future! What the hell?

He wants to be casual as if we were just on a break taking space and now get back together or what?


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  • He might just be treating it as a "break" rather than a break up.

    • The problem is he never stated that. He actually said that we would NEVER return to old feelings or way of life. Then, suddenly he says we were taking space...

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