Why do ex boyfriend try to make their ex girlfriend jealous and hurt her?

Lets say the guy broke up with me almost 4 months ago. He initially wanted to be my friend but I told him no. We have been in the on/off again relationship and I am just tired of getting hurt. It typically goes that we break up, he ignores me for x out of weeks, pitches being friends, and before you know it we are back together again.

I've been going through this for years. Now I have noticed that since I am not reaching out to him anymore that when I do see him (i have to bc we have a child) that he will do things to make me jealous and try to hurt me.

His behavior changes from wk to wk with me. Like once time he tried to initiate conversation, and I answered him and blew him off. Now he is trying to make me jealous. Why do some men do this? I do get hurt when does this but I dont let him know that it upsets me. We have a child together but this ex is very abusive.

I remember when I was younger I had an ex boyfriend do the very same thing and after months passed he tried to get back with me saying he made a mistake, but it was way too late.


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