Why is he catfishing me?

2 years ago he dumped me, I removed myself from his life like he asked. I was basically a joke to him someone he could use etc .

now the catfishing isn't constant enough to warrant trip to police, I have no clue his phone number because I deleted his when I changed mine due to abuse I
was recieving from his girlfriend who were laughing at my whatsapp pictures, And no idea where he live to confront him. I shouldn't need to remove myself from the website and I know it's him that's doing it as all his profiles are the same, this is the 3rd time now in months.

i used to think I was some crazy pyscho like he proclaimed but now I see it isn't me it's him? Even if on the same site there would be no reason for him to contact me yes? Is he mentally stable in the head?


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  • When you say, "I shouldn't need to remove myself from the website" are you referring to this website or another website?

    Anyway, the internet is full of jerks and in many cases just bored people who feel like they want to abuse anonymity. You got to deal with your ex- the same way we all learn to deal with randoms.

    You got to go back to dealing with him like a random internet troll you don't know.

    And to answer your question no, he isn't stable. It sounds like he externalizes his own problems by inflecting them on other people. This pattern of self-denial makes it extremely difficult to ever change or get help (because the externalized individuals are always to blame; why would they need help?) - so he has literally damned his own soul to never growing further as a human being.

    You give this dude way too much weight in your life :)

    • A dating site!!! it's so sad it's tragic lol

    • Indeed, I believe we're going to have call the tragedy police.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He sounds very immature.

    • i used to wish he'd come back.. now my heart sinks when he does this, he's a control freak it's been 2 years now why can't he move on.. strange a dumpee typing that but he's beyond a joke

    • Or he's seeing if a bite but not takin the bait just playing dumb or ignoring him... if he's sitting with his girlfriend then that's karma she must be boring if a he's doing is trying to wind up other females online

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  • short answer here: he's a dick

    • Dumper wants dumpee go away dumpee goes away and dumper annoys the daylights out dumpee... he's a pyschopath crazy loonball

    • that's pretty psycho, try going ghost on him

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  • Wow, this is crazy


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