Ex mom is sending me gifts and contacting me?

My ex and I broke up early February . We had a great relationship and he was even my best friend but he decided that he didn't have a "relationship mentality" anymore so he broke up with me. Every since we broke up his mom is still writing me on Facebook, texting me, and even sending me gifts. My ex doesn't even talk to me at all. I don't want to be mean to her and I know she knows we're broken up but I still love him. I just don't Know what to do because she really likes me and she even says it to me and my mom as well.
I don't contact her at all. She just contacts me. I'm not a mean person at all, I'm just trying to move on from anything that reminds me of my ex and it's like I can't. I just really wish he would contact me and act like he cares but it's like I'm not even getting a text to say I'm sorry about everything or anything at all. It really hurts a lot and I love him but I know that right now I just need to move on, but it's like I can't.


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  • I was BEST FRIENDS with my ex's mom. He hated it at first and then he got used of it because I didn't care what he thought. We had the best relationship ever and she always referred to me as her "daughter in law". She passed away two years ago due to cancer and that was the lowest point in my life.

    I don't know if you want this relationship with her or not, but I'm saying if you do still want to keep in touch with her, do it on the side when your ex isn't around. Some say this isn't healthy, and to be honest, if you would only communicate with her to stay in the loop with your ex, then no it's not. Everyone is different though. Talk to your friends about this one as well. They know you better than anyone on here does. :)


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