Will my ex come back?

What is my ex-boyfriends deal? Ok. I started my new job about 3 weeks ago. I work evenings through the week at a casino. Ever since I started, my ex seems to pick fights with me and we end up breaking up. This past Saturday we fought all day. I went to work, thinking things were better, later that night I got off work, and drove an hour to his house. I was super sleepy when I got there and kept falling asleep (because he was sitting there watching tv) all of a sudden he got mad and said if your just gonna sleep you should've stayed at home. So I got my stuff and tried leaving. I was in my car with the door locked and he was hanging on to my mirror. Finally he let go and I backed down the driveway. Before I could get it in drive he was hanging in my window begging me not to leave. I left anyways, told him I was done. He called and texted telling me how much he loved me and I was the one he always/will want to marry because I'm something special to him while I was headed home. So the following day which was Sunday he showed up at my house to get his stuff and ended up arguing with me begging me to take him back. Which I did. So everything went well that day. Then yesterday, he got really mad because I reactivated my facebook account and broke up with me while I was at work. He told me it was over for good, to just leave him alone because we wouldn't be getting back together because he was tired of me lying. Which I have not lied to him the way he made it seem. We've dated 2 years. I've known for a week I'm pregnant but never told him because I knew it would be a matter of time before this would happen again. So I told him I was pregnant, he told me he wouldn't be apart of it, that its really is over for good now, and hung up on me. So I left him a voicemail telling him not to ever call or text me again that I or the baby didn't need him. what is his deal?


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  • Is there a drug problem with your boyfriend?

    • No. He doesn't drink or do drugs.

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    • No. He's just extremely jealous.

    • Try reading about borderline personality disorder and see if that disorder seems to fit him.

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  • omgsh be done girl. This sounds like a very immature relationship. Let him go.

    • You're right. I Always got accused for not loving him and talking to other guys. That I was the one with the trust issues. But yet he rubs it in my face how beautiful all these other women are.

    • omgsh yeah he has some issues HE needs to work on. there's nothing you can do to help him grow up or change. It's hard because you care about him but you have to put yourself first and walk away from this. Maybe when you guys grow up a few years from now you can rekindle but those kind of trust issues don't get resolved within a few days. Let him go for now and just focus on yourself, your goals, and bettering your life. Also, try to find what you can learn about yourself in this breakup.

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  • Honestly with all that has happened you are better off without him. You should stress about him especially now that there is a child involved. Its best to just put some space between the two of you. If later on he decides he wants to be civil then you can make the decision on whether you want him in the babies life. But for now just focus on you and the baby.


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