I texted my ef boyfriend but he didn't respond, why is that?

Below is what I sent to him, tell me what you think. We broke up last week. :(

I wouldn't feel right if I didn't get this off of my chest, I was offended when you said when you said that you wanted to breakup, I was going through a tough time and out all people I thought you would understand that, I felt like you weren't being fair and you didn't try to see things from my point of view , however a lot of the things I said I didn't mean, and I apologize. in all honesty you could've seen me everyday for the rest of the year if you wanted to if you would've just waited one more day until I got paid, I had absolutely no money left due to me just buying a car and using what little I had left to come see you and drive to work, I don't know if you felt that I wasn't putting in enough effort to come and see you more often, but I wouldn't have put the extra stress on myself if I didn't. It really bothers me that we're not even speaking to each other, especially when I considered you a close friend. I don't let myself get close to everyone but when I do it hurts when I lose them
Omg, an hour or so later he shows up at my job with flowers and apologized for everything, I almost cried. Thanks everyone for all of your help!!!


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  • That is a very wordy, emotional text, and it sounds like you think whatever happened is his fault. If I got a text like that from some one I would probably think they never want to see or speak to me again.

    • Hmm thats an interesting point of view, I thought of this as well, so thats why I put in the part where I said it hurts me when I lose someone im close to, does that help?

    • It's probably more important what you open with than anything, TBH. I've found this to be true of life in general, if the first couple sentences (or words) are upsetting it doesn't matter what the rest of your statement is.

      If you guys were that close though, he should forgive you eventually.

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  • Sorry to hear this, but you did what you can.. the ball is not in your side.. this time is the test time, if he loves you he will get back to you. otherwise, just move on and donot look back.

    • You're right, do you feel the message was needy or whiny, I just wanted to clear the air

    • Absolutely was needy, to clarify things, to show you still love him no matter what.. plus, he need to give you excuse for your action, otherwise you will fight the whole life.. donot worry, if he loves he ill back to you.

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  • Because you're exes... he likely don't want to hear about how you're upset with him or what he did wrong nor your excuses for what you did wrong/why you broke up. Mind you, that isn't to say that you didn't have a reason to say this nor are you necessarily wrong. The issue is that a lot of people when they break up, they just want the relationship to be over and they cut off contact. I know it sucks, but just hope that he at least read it and now knows how you feel.

  • He probably is holding a grudge against you, and I would give him space. It seems like he doesn't want to talk to you at the moment. And because of this, he probably blocked you number. Give him time, he'll come around.

    • Do you think so, because we broke up over something stupid, I had just bought a car and I was broke so I couldn't come visit right away, it had been a week or so since we've seen each other.

    • Probably, I don't know. Give him space.

  • I wouldn't have responded to that either. Too needy/whiny.

    • Really? I thought I had avoided that, can you explain to me in your opinion what makesnit sound that way, if you don't mind me asking

    • It sounds like you're making a lot of excuses. And, if he's said he doesn't want to talk to you then you shouldn't be pestering him.

    • The only reason why we broke up was because we couldn't see each other enough, but I had just bought a car, and I didn't have any money to make an hour trip at that moment, I just wanted him to know how he made me feel, I don't want to pester him all I wanted him to do was just wait one more day, we were just talking about going away for the weekend together then he hit me with that

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